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Underwater videography and photography are the core of our business.  Whatever your underwater interests, Diving Deep can capture and edit the photos and video you desire.

Diving Deep is proudly partnered with Destin Snorkel to provide video and photos of your SNUBA® diving adventure.  SNUBA is a scuba-like experience that lets you explore the underwater world while under the supervision of an experienced guide.  And there's no certification required.  If you can swim, you can SNUBA!  Here's a short Youtube video showing the experience.  The minimum age is 8 years of age.  Visit for more information.

Diving Deep can also help you script, develop, edit and finalize your creative film projects.  From documentaries to short-feature films, we can fully assist your underwater efforts.

For those occasions when it isn't feasible to have divers in the water, Diving Deep can utilize a state-of-the-art Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) to record locations up to 300 feet deep while watching in real time from the surface.

Diving Deep can create high-level graphics (animated or stills) to supplement your needs for marketing, presentations or video introductions. 

We can also create your posters, pamplets, waterproof books, and DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.

Diving Deep can capture your family's memories on the beach.  Affordably.