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Destin Dive Sites
Dive Site Name Video Year Video Depth Relief Distance From Destin Pass Description
5-Mile Reef 2011 82 Ft 4 Ft 5 Mi A natural reef located about 5 miles south of the Destin pass.
Air Force Barge (Eglin Barge) 2011 65 Ft 8 Ft 2 Mi A 100-foot steel barge sunk by Okaloosa County in 1977. Located only two miles south of the Destin Pass. A popular fishing and diving site.
Army Tanks 2010 60-80 Ft 8 Ft 2 - 17 Mi 14 US Army M-60 tanks were sunk in the Gulf of Mexico in various locations in 1994 as part of a joint artificial reef and logistics exercise called Reefex94.
Barrel Barge 2011 70 Ft 12 Ft 6 Mi A 100-ft long barge sunk in 1992 with some old storage tanks.  The hull of another small boat lies just to the west of the barge.
Bay Cones 2010 30 Ft 8 Ft 2 Mi
(1 mile from Crab Island)
Groups of plastic cone culverts deployed in the Choctawhatchee Bay in 1987.  
Belize Queen 2011 110 Ft 30 Ft 18 Mi An 85' tugboat sunk in 2001 in 110 feet of water 18 miles south of the Destin pass.
Bridge Rubble 2011 60 Ft 8 Ft 1.5 Mi Bridge Rubble consists of multiple piles of old bridge rubble dumped outside the pass in the 1970's when the Destin Bridge was replaced.  Many pieces are still recognizable as pieces of concrete road.  It's a popular fishing and diving spot because of its close proximity.
Dirty Girl 2012 117 Ft 10 Ft - A 35-foot sailboat prepared by the Emerald Coast Reef Association over several months and deployed on Dec 6, 2012 in the Gulf of Mexico.
Janet 2013 95 Ft 20 Ft 10 Mi The Janet is an 85-foot long tugboat sunk in 1997 by Okaloosa County 10 miles south of the Destin pass in 95' of water.  A bull shark and large amberjack are the stars of this video.
Kerry Ricks 2011 111 Ft 25 Ft 16 Mi Donated by AJs restaurant in memory of deckhand Kerry Ricks.  Prepared and deployed by the Emerald Coast Reef Association and AJs in September of 2011.  Read media reports of the sinking here and here.
Miss Louise 2011 60 Ft 15 Ft 5 Mi A 95-foot tugboat sunk in 1997 about 5 miles from the pass and only half-a-mile from the shore.  Goliath groupers (jewfish) frequent here steals the show in this video. 
Monica Lee 2011 114 Ft 25 Ft 16 Mi A 50-ft tugboat sunk on May 10th, 2011.  This HD video shows her being sunk and how she looks on the bottom.
The Intake 2012 22 Ft 10 Ft 1.25 Mi The intake is a 10-foot square cage in 20 feet of water that covers a tube that goes underground and into Destin Harbor.  It used to pump fresh water into the harbor but is no longer in operation. 
The Jetties 2012 50 Ft 50 Ft 0 Mi The jetties are Destin's most popular beach spot for diving and snorkeling.  Make sure to dive at high slack tide to get the best visibility and to avoid the strong tidal currents.  Video taken with Destin Snorkel's snuba crews.
Thomas Hayward Liberty Ship 2011 90 Ft 20 Ft 7 Mi One of several Liberty ships sunk in the Destin area in 1977.   It's mostly just the steel hull, 360 feet in length.  A very popular spot for both anglers and divers.
White Hill 2011 90 Ft 8 Ft 7 Mi A natural reef near the Thomas Hayward Liberty Ship.  Named for the white sponges that grow on the reef.  You'll find lots of frogfish here like the ones in the video.